Pastor Steve Marquedant – Doctrine of Scripture Pt 1


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  • March 1 – Pastor Jeff Massey – Topic: The Sovereignty of God
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Redeemer Radio – Host: Pastor Jeff Massey – February 14 and 21
Guest: Pastor Steve Marquedant, Topic: The Doctrine of Scripture
Redeemer Radio – Host: Pastor Jeff Massey – March 1
Topic: The Sovereignty of God
The Vital Importance of the Public Worship of God by Pastor Jeff Massey

What value do we place on the public worship of God? Is it something that we long for during the course of our busy week? Or has it become commonplace or unimportant to us? If we want to see an example of the kind of desire that we should have for the worship of God, we need look no further than the example of the psalmist as expressed in Psalm 84. In this sermon, Pastor Massey expounds on our duty to worship God in the public assembly of His people, and of the delights that come with anticipating and participating in biblically-ordered worship. For we must not be content with anything less than regular participation in worship, where we will find and know the Lord’s blessings upon us as His gathered people.

The Great Commission and Church Planting by Pastor Jeff Massey

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus assured his disciples of his universal dominion as the risen King of Glory and he commissioned them to go forth and to obtain what is rightfully His. Inherent in this commission from Jesus is the command to us to go forth and to establish new churches. For there are things commanded in the Great Commission that only churches have the authority to accomplish. Thus, the work of church planting is not optional, but it is a biblical imperative that we must obey. In this sermon, Pastor Massey explains the Great Commission and he exhorts God’s people to engage in this important work. Pastor Massey preached this sermon at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Ontario, CA around the same time that he proposed the planting of a new confessional Reformed Baptist church in the city of Redlands, CA.