News Roundup-May 6

Redeemer Radio This Friday!
In last Friday’s broadcast, we began discussing with Pastor Chris Beamer the doctrine of the Fall of Man and its consequences. This Friday, Pastor Beamer returns to the program to explain how the Fall of Man affects all people and what God’s remedy is. So please don’t miss this important broadcast of Redeemer Radio.

Redeemer Radio can be heard on KCAA 1050 AM at 3:00 pm Friday, 11:00 AM Sunday or online. Edited versions of all past broadcasts are available here on the website or at SermonAudio.

Worship with us Sunday at 2:30PM!
Jesus is presented in Scripture as the last Adam and knowing what Jesus did in that role is important to understanding our final redemption! Join us this Sunday as Pastor Massey continues his sermons series on Redemption Perfected and preaches on 1 Corinthians 15:35-49.

Please continue to pray for us, and if you are in the Redlands area, please join us this Sunday as 2:30 pm. For directions to the worship service, see the map below or the other “map” options in the menu above.

Sunday Worship Report – May 4, 2014
The Lord was pleased to bless us as we gathered for worship this past Sunday! Our hearts were lifted Godward as we sang God-honoring hymns and our minds were instructed through the reading and the preaching of God’s word. Pastor Massey continued to address the theme of Redemption Perfected by focusing our attention of the golden chain of redemption set forth in Romans 8:29-30. Following the worship, we gathered again in nearly Sylvan Park for fellowship. This sermon and all of Pastor Massey’s previous sermons are available at SermonAudio.

Hall of Letters Parking Map